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Rona Ross

Rona Ross D-Panthenol Skin & Tissue Repair Cream 30ml

Rona Ross D-Panthenol Skin & Tissue Repair Cream 30ml

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Brand: Rona Ross

Details: Description D-Panthenol Cream 30mlSkin calming & repair cream Fast effective treatment and relief for sunburns, cuts, blisters, abrasions and dry skin. -NOURISHES -RELIEVES -MOISTURIZES D-Panthenol, Propolis, Bisabolol, Aloe Vera, Allantoin ,Vitamin E, Vitamin F An advanced cream of special composition for face and body. Hydrates systematically the irritated skin. Protects and repairs the dry skin preventing flaking and helps skin's renewal process. Has soothing properties which prevent as also relieve from reddening and rushes and allow the treatment of erythema. Its tonic and regenerating properties encourage the repair of small injuries. With calming and anti-phlogistic action relieves instantly from mild sunburns and other types of burns. Quickly absorbed without leaving greasiness. With neutral pH, it is suitable for the treatment of children's sensitive skin. Ideal after piercing and tatooing.

EAN: 5201620027889

Binding: Personal Care

Item Condition: New

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